2019-20 ambassador terms


Pure Northern will send you an influencer package.


We ask for 3-5 photos for marketing use. 


You will receive a code for your followers & friends


We ask that you repost promotions and releases on your story 


We ask that you be an honest reviewer of our products and content .


We ask that you leave a review on our website for the products you receive


We ask that you promote the use of natural materials ( this does not mean that you cannot use other products ) 


We do not expect you to spend all your time on social media after all as a company we believe that we belong out on the mountains not on our phones. Therefore we hope you will advocate for our products and company outside of Instagram.


If you are advocating outside of social media and want us to know about it ! Please let us know , send us photos stories etc . We love it all !! Extra points for creativity !


At any point if we feel you Do not fit the image of our company we have the right to terminate your model term .

Now for the fun part ! We have created a point system for our ambassadors. This is how it works : 


Every time your code is used - 5 points 


Every time you post about us on your story - 1 point 


Every time you post a photo on your feed - 2 points 


Advocating for the environment- 2 points


Writing a blog post about us / environment- 5 points 


Hiking with our products- 5 points 


Creatively advocating for our business- 10-40 points 



Every time you reach 40 points = you will receive a free product of your choice (excluding clothing and tote bags)!!!