Zero waste confetti

Ever wonder if making a real difference could be easy ? Well you'll be happy to know that it really can be !! Making simple, effective and conscious decisions can have a big impact.

Today I'm sharing my first eco friendly tip for nature loving photographers. 

Let's make some zero waste confetti !

1. Fallen leaf & hole punch

I can't take credit for this idea, it comes from a photo I found on Pinterest. It's so simple I'm actually mad I didn't think of it myself. Leaves that have been sitting a while and have a bit of crunch make for better confetti than the fresh ones. 

2. Dandelions

Brilliant yellow just pops in a photo & the white puff balls they turn into when they go to seed float nicely in the air. 

3. Blossoms & flower petals

Spring time if full of wildflowers !! You can find beautiful pinks, reds , purples and whites.

4. Recycled paper

With environmentally friendly ink and seed paper you can turn brilliantly colored confetti into a garden of wildflowers. ( I haven't tried this yet so if you do please document it and send it to me I'm absolutely certain it will be beautiful!) 

5. Think outside the box!
You can make confetti out of a lot of things with a hole punch, stick to things you would compost and throwing it in the air in a field won't harm the environment.
+1 for you +1 for the environment 


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