The Cabin

In the coming days I will be packing up and shipping out. Ive accepted a position that will require me to move back to my hometown. It has been 6 years almost since I've lived there and if I'm being honest I never thought I would again. Somewhere deep down, even though i didn't want to see it, I knew I would end up back there one day.

There is a log cabin by the river that was built by my grandpa , my mom and her siblings. It has been waiting for someone to love it and I'm just the person. It needs a lot of TLC , electricity and pluming . Its a perfect off-grid capable blank slate. Im so excited to tackle this project. I always loved going to this place when I was a kid & imagined I would make it beautiful one day. 

I will be sharing some of my progress on this place.

The next few weeks are going to be an adjustment so please be patient with me. 



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