Taking the leap

There is plastic everywhere and as much as I'd like to never have to look at plastic again it's just not going to happen anytime soon.The first step to living a disposable plastic free life is to decide to stop buying it. That's all it takes .
Keep reading to see the first steps i took to get rid of disposable plastic in my life
1. Clearing out all the food that uses plastic wrappers. 
Shop at the co-op, farmers market and plant your own garden. There are several great tutorials on indoor gardens on Pinterest that you can try out. ( Look forward to my indoor garden tutorial coming this spring )   
2. No more Garbage Bags. 
Recycle everything you can. Compost what you can and Reuse the rest.  
3. No more Plastic grocery bags.
Make yourslf some awesome reusable bags out of natural fibers or buy some.
4. Hair products & Makeup 
The key is to just let go. Close your eyes let go and never look back. There are several companies out there that create natural beauty products in sustainable packaging. Or you can go the DIY route like i did for lotions, soaps and even shampoo.
( Tutorial coming for this too ) 
5. Dog food. 
Hello relatable! Most of you reading this I'm sure have dogs and I bet you have even thought about this. 
There are several thing you can do here.
  • buy kibble in bulk and recycle the bag!
  • canned food
  • make your own dog food
  • raw feed

I'm not a vet and I do not pretend to know whats best for your dog. If you are looking into an alternative option for feeding your pup my best advice would be to do extensive research and talk to a vet. 

6. Bring your own coffee cup.

Get yourself an awesome travel mug to bring to your favorite coffee shop! 

7. No more Plastic silverware & straws. 

Just don't do it. There is no need. If you are going somewhere using disposable silverware and plates, be the crazy person that brings their own. The planet will thank you and you can rest easy at the family barbecue knowing that I did it first. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

8. Water bottles. 

Water filtration systems. Buy larger water jugs instead of bottles. Get yourself a life straw. I can tell you from experience that drinking out of a mountain stream is super fun. You do have to be careful where you drink though, a life straw will not filter chemicals. If your lucky you have completely safe drinking water coming from your tap like I do. 


These steps are just the tip of the ice burg. Some of these changes and what I did to achieve them will be explained in more detail in later blog posts. The idea of this seemed so easy at first. The hardest thing for me was to get over the fear of other people thinking it wasn't normal. It was a challenge for me, I definitely struggle caring too much about what other people think and it has been holding me back my entire life. 

If you are reading this and shaking your head yes this is what i struggle with, yes this is so relatable and yes I want to be part of the solution. Then i have got the place for you! Head on over to Facebook page and join our The Last Pine Insiders group. Where you can join a community of like minded people who are making strides in get rid of disposable plastic in their lives. & so much more.



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