This one is for my paper lovers. The ones who live for the sound of pencil scratching across a blank page. You do not have to give up your paper for the greater good. Paper can be made from alternative fibers. Some of these materials include hemp, cotton, bamboo and recycled fabrics. The best alternative fibers are crop residue plant fibers. Rice straw, banana plant, wheat straw, corn stalks, sugar cane waste and cotton linters are all crop residue that can be made into paper. These tree fiber paper alternatives create a secondary income for farmers and give a use to the percentage of crop residue fibers that can go to waste if not needed for the soil to optimise growing.

While these are great alternatives there is more that we can do . Recycle that paper when you are done with it . Use the backs of printed paper to create recycled notebooks, use alternatives to traditional pencils and pens ( refillable ink pens are a good option) create your own earth friendly ink or buy some . Use earth friendly printer ink. If you are crafty recycle your own paper and there is so much more.

March 06, 2018 — Tarah Evans

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