Let's Talk Plastic

It's your first day at a new job. Your ecstatic to start making a difference in your community. Your supervisor walks you to your new corner office at the end of the hallway. You open the door and it's your worst nightmare. Plastic everywhere you look 👀 . How could this happen? Aren't desks supposed to be wood?

What do you do ? You should be thinking about what can you do & what can't you do ? You can't throw everything in your new office in the garbage. That's not only illogical but would also get you fired. You CAN work on a green initiative to propose to your supervisor.

This scenario is obviously not real, it illustrates a point that I'd like to discuss. 

Its very easy to fall into the belief that everything should be in place for you. That it shouldn't have been done this way to begin with. You would be right it should not have. You can't change what has already been done. We need to be the change we wish to see . We need to initiate the change and stop focusing on the things that we can not change. Most importantly we must stop waiting for someone else to make those changes. If someone else can do it why can't you ? 

There are plenty of things in our lives made of plastic that we cannot escape . Things we use every day and end up throwing away at some point. Take your debit or credit card for example, an ID badge , your computer mouse, car keys maybe. We just can't avoid it entirely in everyday society. 

We need to stop beating ourselves up about these things that we cannot change and focus on the things that we can . 


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