Alby Ridge Co -> Pure Northern, LLC

We will be closing down sales for a while as we make this transition to our new name. We are excited to reopen with more to offer. 

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  • Plastic Free

    Most of our items are plastic free. We do have a few items that feature recycled plastic material or may be made with plastic. Please note that this is something we will be phasing out as we grow. As a small company we are restricted on our materials because we stock small quantity. We highlight the materials and state *not plastic free in the product description. 

  • Natural

    Our products our made of natural or recycled materials. We are 100% transparent about the materials we use. If something isn't listed we probably made a mistake so send us a message and will fix it right away!

  • Handmade

    Most of our products are hand made. In fact its so much that we list what is not handmade instead of what is. The things that are not say *not a handmade item in the product description. 


Why Did your name change?

Our name changed to better represent the full range of products we will be offering. This was a very difficult decision to make. We feel very strongly that it was the right one and aprreciate all the support we have recieved during this transition.

When will you be opening?

Currently our open date is unclear. We will be opening within a month and a half. Please come back to this page to keep updated on this date. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we will open. 

What new products will you be offering?

 Our pet products will be the same style but we will be adding new patterns. We will also be adding leashes and harness, We know some off you have been waiting on this for a while. Our new product lines will include home goods, accessories, prints, posters and even custom illustrations.